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Solar Solutions

FuzyonSolar offers quality, highly efficient and cost-effective products for the solar energy industry. It continues its renewable energy adventure, which it started in 2006, by joining forces with Zorlu Enerji.

It offers solutions to the entire energy sector, from end users to investors, from EPC companies to retailers, with its wide range of products such as solar panels, solar inverters, solar system accessories, energy storage and e-mobility.

In addition to ZorluSolar products, Fuzyon also delivers products from the world's largest manufacturers to its customers. Thanks to FuzyonSolar, you can access Jinko Solar, Longi, Solis and many other solar giants under favorable conditions.

You can contact us if you want to learn more about the products and services provided by FuzyonSolar, which provides timely, trouble-free and quality service as promised with Zorlu Energy assurance in today's world where supply problems arise in the energy sector.